Thursday, December 22, 2011


I need to share a small story.

I am certain by now most of you have heard the story of the North End's latest Hero, in 7 year old Faith from Dufferin School. Many community members and residents have been inspired by her courage, and leadership and I believe this has caused many people to become excited about the potential in our youth.


We need to stand together more as a community and I am really proud to see that it really is the children in the North End Leading the way. To further this example, at our Bell Tower marches, a 10 year old boy brought cookies at one rally, inspiring the entire group (of 100 people) to hold a potluck style event in the following week, as support for this young man's leadership. Also, 2 young girls, 11 and 12, have been acting as our parade leaders when we do our marches around the Bell Tower. Finally, a young man who has also been attending the rallies, by the name of Trenton, has made a 30 second video to send his message: STOP THE VIOLENCE!

I want to dedicate this post, to Trenton, and all of the young leaders (under 18, under 14, under 10!!!) in our community that there are at least 250 people (Bell Tower marchers) in this community that will stand behind you, so speak as loud as you need to become as a North a family...On December 6th, at the Bell Tower for the event called STAY FRESH...

We will stand by YOU(th)!

Love, Respect and Courage


PS - if you haven't check out the North End Youth Newspaper The FWD yet...what cha waiting for?!?!

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  1. Way to go, Trenton! Thank you so much for the wonderful video and for standing up and using words to show that you want the violence to end! We need more kids like you in this community! You ARE our future and OUR change!


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