Saturday, January 28, 2012

Letter from Different Wolf (Part 1 of 2)

Wassap peeps?!
Check out this letter that was left for all of us to read. Ekosi to Daniel for his words. Please, read below!


My name is Daniel Sioux Ranville and I am a person of M├ętis descent. I am called Notchigo Meengan day zhan ee kah zheese or Different Wolf, I am wolf clan a lone wolf, my colors are all the colors of the Earth. My sacred colors make me invisible, camouflaged. As a wolf clan member, my job is to be a scout, to leave the safety and security of the community and patrol our borders. Today, in military terms it is called reconnaissance. My only weapons are my stealth, skill and my knife. If I have to use my knife then I am not doing my job very well. Because my job is essential to the people, I am essential to the people and there is no room for mistakes so I must survive. My job is to bring the people a message of our enemies movements. It is very dangerous work. I am ever watchful for the enemy. As a lone wolf and warrior, my job is to leave even the safety and security of our borders and penetrate deep into enemy territory hidden by my sacred colors. I must observe the enemies movements and learn their tactics and then to bring them back to the people so that the people can take steps to protect themselves.

I have a message especially for Aboriginal Youth. This message is inspired by the women and youth who have taken specific action over the indignities that we all endure today. Specifically, I am encouraged by the one lone warrior who posted on Youtube his statement to the racist rhetoric seen in the Attawapiskat housing crisis and declared state of emergency. The lone wolf mentioned the truth about government funding and where the true responsibility lays with our racist government paternalistic tutelage. Michael Champagne and his efforts. Your all inspiring.

The system has been always focused on youth, to sway them, to lure and corrupt. The system has ever been after the children, the sacred fire. The system has ever been disrespectful to those who are able to give birth the to sacred fire, our children. Before the sacred fire is allowed to be born into their circle, they are already threatened by the system. Aboriginal youth are like those paratroopers in World War 2 who jumped from the planes deep into enemy territory. Upon landing, the paratroopers were surrounded by enemy, anywhere they went the knew they would have to face their enemy. And the Way of the Warrior has always been to protect the people at their most vulnerable points, The Circle of Power, The Sacred Fire, and The Contraries. This is where our medicine is. We are all Warriors and we must do our duty and not the opposite. Share this message with friends and family and protect yourself from the great corruption and deception.

Aboriginal youth today are under the impression they are different, they have things under control and they will be better off than their own parents. Aboriginal youth have a false sense of control and security and are deluded. What Aboriginal youth are not aware is that they were born into a system and that system is not Aboriginal friendly. That system is ancient and far more powerful than any Aboriginal youth can imagine unless they are gifted to see many complexities and profundities, making connections and understanding.

It is important to know that the system wants you to believe that you have control so that the system can then control you. The system wants youth more than anything, to corrupt and to control, to enslave. The system wants to put out The Sacred Fire.

We understand that Aboriginal youth of the 1930's 40's and 50's were forced to attend Indian Residential School suffering many abuses and many never came back home. That is no longer a secret. Before that many suffered at the hands of the dreaded Indian Agent who controlled every aspect of their lives even the buying and selling of a cow or leaving the reserve, permission was needed. Those youth suffered. They became parents. Today, they would be your grandparents, aunts uncles, mothers and fathers. Many of them would have been driven to dysfunction over what they experienced, transferring their dysfunction to Aboriginal youth today. We would have seen it in home violence, substance abuses, sexual abuses, neglect and other exploitations and grave indignities children should never have to endure, witness or participate. That was their system. I do not blame them for what they did, they only behaved the way the corruptor's and assimilator's taught them, the priests and the nuns, the Indian Agents and racist teachers, the corrupted.

They are called survivors. What they survived is a nightmare beyond comprehension and they brought it home in a way no one would quite understand until the inevitable volumes of research revealed what we know today as Inter-generational Effects of Indian Residential School. That is my system, like many of you, I am a survivor of survivors.

That system remains with us today. Like many of you, I too grew up in poverty, violence and racism, in instability with the danger of apprehension very real. As a child, I slept through many wild drunken parties and stepped over passed out bodies, scrounging for food on my way to school. I too lost my indigenous language, Mitchif. I too was pushed out of school by racist teachers. I too worked crappy jobs with crappy pay. I too sold dope to my brothers and sisters thinking that was the only option for me. I too was in a problem unaware of the path to transcend it. I too had children at a very young age. Though I thought I did my best, that system, continued in our lives and now my children had to survive my dysfunction. My dysfunction was apparent to them and now, they too live with the inter-generational effects of Indian Residential School. It is a legacy we are trying to end. It is a system we are trying to liberate from, to live the lives we were meant to live. But they and all Aboriginal youth are at a greater disadvantage than I was and maybe the situation is getting worse, not better; or better for some and worse for others, just like the system we know as Empire with their have's and the have not's and the growing economic disparity associated with it.

Youth are still getting wasted by that same system today and its unnecessary. Even more than the dreaded 60's scoop, Aboriginal children are being apprehended at greater rates. As a result;

Aboriginal Youth participation rates in gangs and other criminal activities are increasing. That means your children rarely see mommy and daddy if ever because many are either on probation, in jail or at risk of suicide or murder. Or your children witness violence. For this reason many children are apprehended. For this reason, children are without parents and stable families and for this reason, the cycle and intergenerational effects continue unabated.

Substance abuse is high. Aboriginal people have the highest incarceration rates, lowest education levels, poorest health, lowest income levels with a booming population growth indicating early teen pregnancies which is not good for teens or their children. Having the highest push out rates and poorest education levels, Aboriginal youth will face poverty and suffer enormous indignities. National rates of suicide among Aboriginal youth are estimated to be five to six times higher than among non-aboriginal youth.

Aboriginal youth today, as youth in the past will suffer. That is certain. Unless there is a change.

For too long we have watched friends violently beaten, killed and murdered, incarcerated, engage in criminal activities and die from overdose. For too long we have witnessed the indignities youth have done to themselves as a result of the corruption that came from Canadian colonization, Christianization and assimilation. I think about HELEN BETTY OSBOURNE, J. J. HARPER and Neil STONECHILD! I think about the Saskatoon Police who allegedly drive Aboriginal youth to the outskirts of town, take away their shoes, and make them walk back into town in the middle of winter. I think about useless justice inquiries that remain ignored by the system. Recently, I think about the kids who lay dead and dying in the streets of our cities wasted from senseless gang violence, the system they and their children will face. Aboriginal youth under the age of 25 represent more than half of the Aboriginal population in Canada today. What we can see is a booming Aboriginal youth population with a lost heritage entering Canadian society. Things do not appear to be changing and no one really has control.

We know Aboriginal youth want to participate in something that is good, wholesome and honest but what is stopping them? Probably adults in a frantic, over/under-involvement dysfunction wanting to be liked by kids rather than being responsible parents, we give in to childish demands. Or being over/under-invested telling and lecturing rather than guiding and letting go. Too many pied pipers, interferences from other dysfunctional parents and gangs, too much harbouring of our youth in other dysfunctional homes. There is a solution for all youth. Have you ever wondered what happened to the Traditional Warrior? What was taken from us so long ago, only seemed lost. The Warrior teachings cleverly hidden so we can remember who we are with dignity and self respect. The Way of the Warrior is a solution to the dysfunction we continue to witness. The Way of the Warrior is what helped everyone to survive and remain after numerous assaults and assimilation attempts to our cultures occurred from Canadian colonization. The Way of the Warrior was always with us and survived because you can kill the people, you can even drive them to dysfunction but you can't kill the spirit, the core of who we are. The Warrior teachings are found in the traditional ways of the people, in the languages, in sacred law and in the ceremonies and dances, in the art and culture. It is found at home with family around the dinner table. If you want to be a true Warrior as you were meant to be, then go to the traditional teachings, ceremonies and culture. Hidden therein are the ancient Warrior teachings and it is time for them to re-emerge in a powerful way! You must be very clever to find them as they are so well hidden so that the essence of who we are will never be lost. In the old days, the Indian Agents banned ceremonies and languages because they knew this is where the fire of our communities remain lit and they took children away from the community because they knew this is where identity is transferred, to youth. Though many youth fell, assimilators were unsuccessful.

The Warrior Way is not trying to ruin your good time in your youth. The Warrior Way does not take you away from your friends, night clubs and parties. The Warrior Way does not ask you to join a religion where you make radical changes to be a good person or wear a robe everyday. The Way of the Warrior does not ask you to prove yourself. You have already done that in surviving the survivors and the assimilators in resisting. You are already good and wonderful and full of potential just as you are. That is how you were created. Deep down inside, is where the real you is and no matter what you have seen or done or felt, it has not changed who you truly are. You are a Warrior. It is the assimilation that has everyone confused. Today, our culture is threatened by another culture. Modern culture, with all of its music and television, and role models themselves confused! They are assimilated.

What The Warrior Way does ask you is to ask yourself if you are ready to learn the Way of the Warrior and improve your life chances in surviving and protecting yourself from assimilation, for yourself and your children? Take a look around you. Are you satisfied with what you see? Is it enough for you and your children for seven generations? Do you feel safe and secure? Are you truly happy? Do you really think you have everything under control? If not and you know there is more and you truly believe you are entitled to the best, then maybe you are ready. Are you ready to discover the truth? If so, then study the traditional ways of the people with a sincere heart and notice how everything refers to your survival as an indigenous person of Turtle Island. The truth is that you are worth so much more and you deserve the very best. So treat yourself well and be good to yourself.

If you are not of Aboriginal descent you can still learn the ways of the warrior as the warrior society is open only if you are ready. In the old days, the Francaise and the Anglophones used to escape their societies and come to live with us, the Warriors because our ways offered true liberation, empowerment, self respect and dignity. That is a tradition The Warrior Way will continue. The Way of the Warrior is welcoming and sharing in mutual respect because the Way of the Warrior is to know self respect.

Word? Word!


Daniel Sioux Ranville
Notchigo Meengan day zhan ee kah zheese (Different Wolf)

A note from MC: I want to say Ekosi and thank you so much for taking the time to send this message. I hope all of you(th) reading this will take it seriously. Listen in for art 2, and we will see in the future how all of us at AYO and beyond can work with our brothers such as Daniel. Stay tuned for part 2!

Friday, January 27, 2012

ONE Movement

Why should I write this poem?
We got a msg to send
We ain't gonna stop marching
Til the violence finally ends

With babies killing babies
Bodies lying in the street
We will not stand here helpless
As our families feel the heat

ONE voice
ONE movement
ONE ringing bell tower
We'll walk through this together
ONE community with power

Led by our young People
Their resilience knows no bounds
Filling Selkirk avenue with happy joyful sounds
Helping with our hands of hope
And doing it with love
Remembering our bros and others
Watching from above

ONE life
ONE gift
ONE never backing down
Organizing all of us
ONE movement on the ground

This is Our North End
And we will always works as ONE
Were gonna keep ringing that bell
Until the violence is done.

Love you guys :)


Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Make sure you meet us @ The Bell Tower this Friday.

We will have hoop dancers, poetry, pictures and more! Shout out to AYO's Nana, and Whitney F for donating prizes for the event. Also, thanks to Cathy and her whole family for being so helpful. Congrats to all of you that have been helping, and I am sorry I can't name everyone, but you guys rock!

This event is called ONE (Our North End) and is an opportunity for our entire North End Community to show their stuff. We are going to be meeting at the Bell Tower, and organizing ourselves for more action.


Crown - First Nations Gathering...It's A Start

Many of you will share my sentiment that yesterday's gathering between the First Nation Leaders and "The Crown" was a silly display of bullshit.
Aboriginal Youth Are NOT a Commodity

Why are so many of us emotionally charged up and upset about yesterday's meeting? Maybe it is because we all feel a sense of urgency when it comes to addressing the inequities present in so many first nations communities. Maybe its because the government chooses to focus on the 'economic potential' of Aboriginal youth, as opposed to actually giving a shit about their humanness. I don't know bout you, but I felt like Stephen Harper was talking about Aboriginal youth, and people as if they were another resource to Canada. Inanimate objects, whose sole purpose of existing are to increase the economic competitiveness of one of the wealthiest nations in the world. He said it is our responsibility as First Nations people to develop our economic potential (code word for raping mother earth). It is our sole purpose, for the betterment of all of Canada, that we all become fully engrained participants of the economy, so that Canada can be competitive on the global stage
It was my hope, and that of many other young Aboriginals I know, that this gathering would finally elicit a commitment from the Government and the First Nations people to stop moving backwards in terms of how they Legislate and deal with the 'Indian Problem' in Canada. In this regard, Stephen Harper, and even our National Chief Shawn Atleo, have failed. These leaders are doing a political dance, and while I get it that such processes must be taken slowly, this response is not good enough for our young people. The Crown may want to address issues in an 'incremental' way. They may want to tout their own horn an talk about specific examples of successful communities, and then pat themselves on the back for how great they are. But no amount of political jargon is gonna take away the hurt we feel when our sister goes missing and no government bats an eye. No amount of political reasoning will make us feel any better when we are forced to bury our children, because we found them hanging by a rope last week.

Glaringly Absent

I have a problem with the paternalistic imperialism that was oozing out of several statements made yesterday. The Governor General referring to the Treaties as the greatest moment between First Peoples and the Colonizers (I mean Settlers). Stephen Harper, in his typical cold manner, referring to helping Aboriginal people  because it would be a benefit to the Canadian Economy. Even the Conservative Cabinet Ministers (Indian Affairs and Health) put forward a calculated, cold, self-lauding message. Glaringly absent from any of their comments was acknowledgement of the damage that has happened as a result of many Government funded natural resource extraction initiatives in recent years. Glaringly absent was the acknowledgement that over 500 Aboriginal women have gone missing and the government has yet to respond appropriately. Glaringly absent was the acknowledgement that, although commitments have been made for 'incremental changes' in regards to the racist assimilation policy called the Indian Act, our children and youth continue to kill themselves at at least twice the rate (and in some communities 8X higher) of the rest of Canada.

The Chiefs Spoke

I do appreciate a lot of what was said when it came to the First Nation leaders speaking. I do not agree with the approach of Mr Atleo (National Chief) has taken. I do not agree with the overall structure and election processes within the Assembly of First Nations, and even some Aboriginal communities. I do not believe that this man has enough of a fire under his ass. I know that we cannot have our leaders, crying and screaming and tantrumming in the media because our youth and women are treated as less than human. We cannot do this because we must broker, and mediate, between what the public sees out of our leaders, and maintaining enough communication with Big Daddy Canada to ensure that we can at least recieve SOME assistance in providing resources and opportunities to our kids.

High Realistic Expectations

Like many of you(th), I had very high expectations that we would have some strong statements and commitments that would have come out of such a 'historic' gathering between the Crown and us First people's. But I still feel very much like more of the same racism was present in the Crown's responses and presentations. I have been calmed down by a few, that have reminded me that my expectations are too high, and I must be realistic. And so, realistically speaking: It is a start. I am thankful that a dialogue has begun, 6 years into being elected into his seat as Prime Minister, finally, he has decided to sit with our First Nations leaders. I would be lying if I told you that I was not dissapointed. But at that level, the grandiose, governer-general, nation to nation level, I don't know that I should have expected much more.

Or Should We?

Or should we expect more? Should we expect our political and community leadership to speak strongly, and passionately about issues on a human level first? Should we expect our prime minister to be a champion of justice and speak directly to the millions of Aboriginal youth who do not see a future for themselves? Should we expect our leaders to make a shit storm when our kids are killing themselves out of isolation, fear and hopelessness every single day?

Should young people organize themselves? To some degree (AYO as an example) we have already begun to do so. But what are the next steps for you? For youth?

I am not sure...But its a start.



Friday, January 20, 2012

Under The Influence: Mac Miller, DJ Kool and Kool & The Gang


So several contemporary hip hop artist have taken quite an interest as of late in sampling items from the soulful era of music, including tons and tons of saxophone. Now this may be a little known fact, but saxophone is one of my favourite instruments to listen to, and especially, I love saxophone solos. One of my fave saxophone songs for a very long time came from some folks, back in the day, 60's actually, and has been re-used and revamped constantly since then. See below the evolution of one simple saxophone riff and lemme know what you think about saxophone and crazy soulful samples.

Kool & The Gang have been around for almost 50 years!!! They have mashed together the sounds of jazz, r&b, funk and pop to create a sound that is as timeless as it is catchy. They have also had the same people involved in this group for over 30 years, and still do shows today! In a very bizarre piece of 2012 musical trivia for you folks, this group is going to be opening up for rock group Van Halen in 2012 as their main opening act in support of Van Halen's upcoming 2012 release A Different Kind of Truth. The fact that Kool & The Gang are still around, still performing, and are reaching out to audiences such as metal heads, is really innovative, and hip hop artists today should take note of the freshness in their approach.

DJ Kool - Let Me Clear My Throat (1996)

Now you guys know this one. Anyone who has ever been to a sports game, went to a dance club, turned on the radio, watched a movie will know this song. Although there are tons and tons and tons of samples strung together in this song, it is most notably the saxophone from the Kool & Gang that give this song its notoriety. Shout out to old school hip hop people, like DJ Kool, for understanding soul enough to sample, and be creative. This group was pioneering in the mid-90's in terms of dance floor anthems and you can check out their MySpace here! Another element of this song that is amazing is the call and response portion which is *gasp* positive.
all the ladies in the house if you got real hair, real fingernails, if you got a job, you going to school and you dont need nobody to help with yo business make some noooise!!!

And finally bringing us into today. Here we have hip hopper Mac Miller, on his 3rd single from his debut album. This is an ok sample. I am not the biggest fan of it, but the sample rocks. I enjoy anything that brings it back. The lyrics are not anything special, but I just tune out the words, and vibe to the track. Shout out to Streetz 104.7fm for introducing me to this song!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

MC LetterZ

Q:What do North End Youth, Jack Layton and First Nation Chiefs all have in common? 
A: They have all earned a correspondence from the crazy mind of MC!

Apparently I like using my blog to write letters. I wanted to take an opportunity to remind you folks of a few correspondences that you should not miss. These are letters that I share with the world so you know where I stand. I would encourage all of you to write letters to the people that matter to you! :)

BRING IT (An Open Letter to North End Youth)
Dear YOUth

True Stories: North Enders DO Care!

Standing with the Chiefs

Please...write a letter. With honesty, with love and with courage. Bring it.

I'm listening :)


Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Have A Dream... AYO Creativity Centre

I have a dream.

For real.

I just took this picture at the North side of the Salter (Slaw Rebchuk) bridge. Its the empty lot that is across from Nepon Autobody and Seed Winnipeg. It is clear, except for that beautiful looking tree in the middle of it.

The Dream

I believe that someday, that sight will be the home of the AYO Creativity Centre. I don't know what that means yet, exactly, but I know it'll be a place where Youth, and north enders of all kinds can go to create, learn and dream. It will be a place where AYO Leadership can take root, and a place where we can begin to share the knowledge and the skills that we have attained over our years as Aboriginal people, as youth, as leaders. It will be a place where we are free to dream audaciously and share these dreams with others. Obviously we would have to build the building including the tree in the design...a building with a tree in the middle of it....respect for the land and nature...I believe it can happen. Once these ideas are explored and nurtured, we would give them away. And repeat.

But why?

I don't know. But I do know that when our young people have an idea, or a challenge, that their natural resiliency allows these young people to figure out what would make things better, and usually get it completely right. Some people have called us reckless. Some people have called us dangerous. But if a little bit of recklessness will change this bullshit cycle our communities are trapped in, then I say let's go. Let's be audacious. Let's challenge systems and try to build things from the grass roots. 'Cause that's where the knowledge and wisdom is deepest. When one is passionate about creating a better tomorrow for their community, the next generation, and the world, and with the support of our families and communities, we will reverse those trends. We will create An actual world for them to grow up in where their ideas can get even bigger.

Missing Murdered Nation

There is a lot of talk about the state of our people these days; Attawapiskat, Pikangikum, Chiefs meeting with the Prime Minister, and the possibility of a youth led native uprising. Our men are embattled by courts, cops and gangs. Our youth are treated as lesser beings, undermined and underestimated. Our elders are targets, waiting for their next tormentor. Our women. Our women. Our women; are objectified, raped abused and murdered with no adequate response from officials or police.

No More

This Creativity Centre will allow us as young people with a future in this community to come together and truly feel safe. Leave your colours and attitudes at the door and come on in. You are all welcome here.

I have a dream.

I mean it.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Building Relationships? Aboriginal people and Justice...Be Heard!!

There is often loud criticism from with the Aboriginal community about challenges with the justice system, and in my experience, specifically the Winnipeg Police. Maybe they could meet us at the Bell Tower tomorrow??

Tomorrow, Friday, we are having Meet Me @ The Bell Tower - Be Heard!  This event is the 7th of our Bell Tower meetings and some exciting things are hapening.
  • A youth hip hop group will be formed to bring recording opportunities to youth in the North End
  • We have confirmation from the Indian Family Centre that we can use their space for our After-Party
  • We are going to plan a community contest, and then approach Nepon Autobody to talk about their roof and the 'welcome to the North End' messaging
MC talks with WPS

So, I have thought about the relationships and have invited WPS to come to our event tomorrow. I e-mailed a member of the Police force, and wanted to share with you what was said, by me, and this officer.

My name is Michael Redhead Champagne, I believe we have met several times.

MEet ME @ The Bell Tower is a grassroots anti-violence movement that has been growing in momentum, led by its youth, in the North End of Winnipeg. We have been able, over the course of 6 Bell Tower Rallies, to net 300 visits to our Anti-Violence rallies (@ Selkirk and Powers). This event is organized by AYO, and community residents. We are not an organization, we are not a business, none of us get paid for any of this stuff we are doing. We have been able to successfuly engage local businesses, community agencies and politicians to lend their voices to our call.

Several times, I have invited members of Winnipeg Police Service to attend our rallies. I can conciously remembering inviting individual police officers, well in advance of the event, and receiving verbal support.  I recognize, understand and can appreciate the jobs officers have to do, but if we want to be PRO ACTIVE to stop this violence and truly build relationships between the North End, especially its youth, and the WPS, I feel you guys need to show up. Not in an enforcement role, but in an 'i suport the community' role. Its gonna take a lot of work, but many individuals at these rallies have commented that the police, and media were not around when our anti-violence rallies occur and so people don't believe that these things.

I am sending you this invite, with the hopes that at least SOME MEMBER of the WPS can come and attend our 7th rally this Friday, Be Heard, possibly even bringing greetings on behalf of the police force.

6:00pm to 7:30pm
location: Selkirk and Powers(The Bell Tower)

Please let me know if there are ways you folks can help!

Respect and courage


Now, I was lucky to get a response yesterday morning, but am not sure what to make of it, considering the video below...and the officer's response.

Thanks for taking the initiative to organize this event. I will forward this email to my supervisor so she can advise the Community Officers. It is a tough day and time for officers to attend due to other duties.

I will look to see if I can attend this Friday, however no promises at this point.
 I appreciate the response, and I hope that Chief McCaskill's message trickles down to the front line officers so that we really can begin to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS between these communities.

Respect, courage and love


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Poem: Success will be the best revenge

success WILL be the best revenge
To western society
It will invoke anger and hope
Induce sobriety.
It will eliminate naivete and always practice scrutiny
Its how our people used to be
Before the west had won.

Before the west had won
We had our culture strong
We had learned to get along
And celebrate through song
Our happiness and peace was rudely interrupted
Thank you to chris columbus
Who crashed our cloud like a
Infecting us with sick-nuss
Just us
There surely was no justice

after the sickness plagued our lands
We helped the west secure their plans
We taught survival
Pure and primal
Honest and sincere
Were nearly wiped out pretty clearly
And with the shattered remains
The west was not yet done
For they had to be the top of turtle island
Their people had to be the ones who won
They 'gifted' us with education
Forced religion upon our nation
Ripped away the youngest of our population
And force fed them assimilation
Disconnected land from us
And continued to violently thrust
This residential hypocrisy
And claimed it was democracy

Too bad we grew to smart and we
Saw through your crooked lies
Stared in their empty hollow eyes
And let our language flow
Endured each pathetic cowardly blow
And held our culture close
So deep inside
And though you tried
Somehow it still remains
It always has a way
Our souls from western hell.
For six generations we've slowly healed our nation
And seventh rising strongly
Will correct what's been done wrongly

Success will be the best revenge
Our land always was wisest
And sharp just like a razors edge
Our seventh generation rises

Friday, January 6, 2012

Stay Fresh (Meet Me @ The Bell Tower TONIGHT!)

A Year Tainted with Death????

That was the headline at the top of breaking news when I checked the Free Press's site. As per usual, media types like to consistently over emphasize the negative things in our communities without acknowledging the good. I googled Selkirk Avenue because the new banners are finally up. There are new images to help revitalize our community...surely the media must be picking up on this...this is what I saw:

No where in google land does it mention that just yesterday new banners were installed on Selkirk Avenue. When there is violence media comes running, but when there is goodness no one gives a crap. If anyone were to take a walk down Selkirk avenue right now, they would see 5 varying images that represent what it is to be from our hood. Many people ask how AYO did this without a building, funders, board of directors, or incorporated status. It was simple, by persevering and building strong relationships with partners we did it one lamp post at a time. COME ON DOWN TO CELEBRATE SELKIRK'S NEW BANNERS!!!

MC Challenges Media to STAY FRESH
I am writing this post as a challenge to any mainstream media outlets that have been reporting on negativity and violence in our community: come to the Bell Tower tonight to see what REALLY happens in our hood. Come to the Bell Tower @ 6pm today to see how many North Enders truly believe that we, as a North End community, that we as residents, can and will conquer this violence. We love our kids and are not afraid to show it, meet us at the bell tower tonight to see if the media can "stay fresh".

By far, the best positive voice of Aboriginal people in the media has without a doubt been Streetz 104.7. These folks are so supportive, they had me call in and be on the radio this morinng talking about our movements, AND (drum roll please)...

That's right folks, if you, or someone you know has any interest in WWE (wrestling) and would like to win 2 tickets to the MTS Centre on Jan 20th, you cannot afford to miss tonight. Generously donated by Streetz this prize pack also includes Streetz T shirt, hat stickers and tatoos, as well as CD's!!! You must be in attendance to win the prize, and we make the draw after our 6 pm rally at Selkirk and Powers.

Finally, this is the month we get to drop our first edition of The FWD: North End Youth Newspaper. If you(th) or someone you(th) know would like to submit an article, bring your idea to the Bell Tower and we will figure out how to get you hooked up. If you are interested in advertising in the FWD, please send us an email at thefwd(at)

As usual...Meet Me @ The Bell Tower


North End MC

My photo
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Representin the North End of Winnipeg since 1987. I will share my journey tryna set an example and live a proud Cree life. I'll include my challenges and feelings and progress in terms of AYO! Aboriginal Youth Opportunities. You(th) are the reason.