Thursday, January 19, 2012

MC LetterZ

Q:What do North End Youth, Jack Layton and First Nation Chiefs all have in common? 
A: They have all earned a correspondence from the crazy mind of MC!

Apparently I like using my blog to write letters. I wanted to take an opportunity to remind you folks of a few correspondences that you should not miss. These are letters that I share with the world so you know where I stand. I would encourage all of you to write letters to the people that matter to you! :)

BRING IT (An Open Letter to North End Youth)
Dear YOUth

True Stories: North Enders DO Care!

Standing with the Chiefs

Please...write a letter. With honesty, with love and with courage. Bring it.

I'm listening :)


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Representin the North End of Winnipeg since 1987. I will share my journey tryna set an example and live a proud Cree life. I'll include my challenges and feelings and progress in terms of AYO! Aboriginal Youth Opportunities. You(th) are the reason.