Friday, January 27, 2012

ONE Movement

Why should I write this poem?
We got a msg to send
We ain't gonna stop marching
Til the violence finally ends

With babies killing babies
Bodies lying in the street
We will not stand here helpless
As our families feel the heat

ONE voice
ONE movement
ONE ringing bell tower
We'll walk through this together
ONE community with power

Led by our young People
Their resilience knows no bounds
Filling Selkirk avenue with happy joyful sounds
Helping with our hands of hope
And doing it with love
Remembering our bros and others
Watching from above

ONE life
ONE gift
ONE never backing down
Organizing all of us
ONE movement on the ground

This is Our North End
And we will always works as ONE
Were gonna keep ringing that bell
Until the violence is done.

Love you guys :)


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