Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Poem: Success will be the best revenge

success WILL be the best revenge
To western society
It will invoke anger and hope
Induce sobriety.
It will eliminate naivete and always practice scrutiny
Its how our people used to be
Before the west had won.

Before the west had won
We had our culture strong
We had learned to get along
And celebrate through song
Our happiness and peace was rudely interrupted
Thank you to chris columbus
Who crashed our cloud like a
Infecting us with sick-nuss
Just us
There surely was no justice

after the sickness plagued our lands
We helped the west secure their plans
We taught survival
Pure and primal
Honest and sincere
Were nearly wiped out pretty clearly
And with the shattered remains
The west was not yet done
For they had to be the top of turtle island
Their people had to be the ones who won
They 'gifted' us with education
Forced religion upon our nation
Ripped away the youngest of our population
And force fed them assimilation
Disconnected land from us
And continued to violently thrust
This residential hypocrisy
And claimed it was democracy

Too bad we grew to smart and we
Saw through your crooked lies
Stared in their empty hollow eyes
And let our language flow
Endured each pathetic cowardly blow
And held our culture close
So deep inside
And though you tried
Somehow it still remains
It always has a way
Our souls from western hell.
For six generations we've slowly healed our nation
And seventh rising strongly
Will correct what's been done wrongly

Success will be the best revenge
Our land always was wisest
And sharp just like a razors edge
Our seventh generation rises

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