Friday, January 6, 2012

Stay Fresh (Meet Me @ The Bell Tower TONIGHT!)

A Year Tainted with Death????

That was the headline at the top of breaking news when I checked the Free Press's site. As per usual, media types like to consistently over emphasize the negative things in our communities without acknowledging the good. I googled Selkirk Avenue because the new banners are finally up. There are new images to help revitalize our community...surely the media must be picking up on this...this is what I saw:

No where in google land does it mention that just yesterday new banners were installed on Selkirk Avenue. When there is violence media comes running, but when there is goodness no one gives a crap. If anyone were to take a walk down Selkirk avenue right now, they would see 5 varying images that represent what it is to be from our hood. Many people ask how AYO did this without a building, funders, board of directors, or incorporated status. It was simple, by persevering and building strong relationships with partners we did it one lamp post at a time. COME ON DOWN TO CELEBRATE SELKIRK'S NEW BANNERS!!!

MC Challenges Media to STAY FRESH
I am writing this post as a challenge to any mainstream media outlets that have been reporting on negativity and violence in our community: come to the Bell Tower tonight to see what REALLY happens in our hood. Come to the Bell Tower @ 6pm today to see how many North Enders truly believe that we, as a North End community, that we as residents, can and will conquer this violence. We love our kids and are not afraid to show it, meet us at the bell tower tonight to see if the media can "stay fresh".

By far, the best positive voice of Aboriginal people in the media has without a doubt been Streetz 104.7. These folks are so supportive, they had me call in and be on the radio this morinng talking about our movements, AND (drum roll please)...

That's right folks, if you, or someone you know has any interest in WWE (wrestling) and would like to win 2 tickets to the MTS Centre on Jan 20th, you cannot afford to miss tonight. Generously donated by Streetz this prize pack also includes Streetz T shirt, hat stickers and tatoos, as well as CD's!!! You must be in attendance to win the prize, and we make the draw after our 6 pm rally at Selkirk and Powers.

Finally, this is the month we get to drop our first edition of The FWD: North End Youth Newspaper. If you(th) or someone you(th) know would like to submit an article, bring your idea to the Bell Tower and we will figure out how to get you hooked up. If you are interested in advertising in the FWD, please send us an email at thefwd(at)

As usual...Meet Me @ The Bell Tower


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