Friday, January 20, 2012

Under The Influence: Mac Miller, DJ Kool and Kool & The Gang


So several contemporary hip hop artist have taken quite an interest as of late in sampling items from the soulful era of music, including tons and tons of saxophone. Now this may be a little known fact, but saxophone is one of my favourite instruments to listen to, and especially, I love saxophone solos. One of my fave saxophone songs for a very long time came from some folks, back in the day, 60's actually, and has been re-used and revamped constantly since then. See below the evolution of one simple saxophone riff and lemme know what you think about saxophone and crazy soulful samples.

Kool & The Gang have been around for almost 50 years!!! They have mashed together the sounds of jazz, r&b, funk and pop to create a sound that is as timeless as it is catchy. They have also had the same people involved in this group for over 30 years, and still do shows today! In a very bizarre piece of 2012 musical trivia for you folks, this group is going to be opening up for rock group Van Halen in 2012 as their main opening act in support of Van Halen's upcoming 2012 release A Different Kind of Truth. The fact that Kool & The Gang are still around, still performing, and are reaching out to audiences such as metal heads, is really innovative, and hip hop artists today should take note of the freshness in their approach.

DJ Kool - Let Me Clear My Throat (1996)

Now you guys know this one. Anyone who has ever been to a sports game, went to a dance club, turned on the radio, watched a movie will know this song. Although there are tons and tons and tons of samples strung together in this song, it is most notably the saxophone from the Kool & Gang that give this song its notoriety. Shout out to old school hip hop people, like DJ Kool, for understanding soul enough to sample, and be creative. This group was pioneering in the mid-90's in terms of dance floor anthems and you can check out their MySpace here! Another element of this song that is amazing is the call and response portion which is *gasp* positive.
all the ladies in the house if you got real hair, real fingernails, if you got a job, you going to school and you dont need nobody to help with yo business make some noooise!!!

And finally bringing us into today. Here we have hip hopper Mac Miller, on his 3rd single from his debut album. This is an ok sample. I am not the biggest fan of it, but the sample rocks. I enjoy anything that brings it back. The lyrics are not anything special, but I just tune out the words, and vibe to the track. Shout out to Streetz 104.7fm for introducing me to this song!


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