Thursday, February 2, 2012

NO MORE Elder Abuse on Selkirk!!!


2 women decided they would like to rob an 88 year old woman at Selkirk & Arlington. The police report is below. Our Elder's are being abused...

That makes me so angry!!!

What can we do about this???


PS- shout out to the Winnipeg police who have set up an account so folks can help this elder in our community.

On January 31, 2012, at approximately 1:30 p.m., numerous police resources responded to the Manitoba Avenue and Arlington Street regarding a strong arm robbery involving an 88 year old female victim.

The victim had previously attended to a store located in the 800 block of Selkirk Avenue where she purchased some items and exited. Two female suspects, also in the store, followed the victim out of the business to a nearby back lane. It was at this time the suspects confronted the victim from behind, grabbing at her purse causing her to fall to the ground.

The suspects fled with the victim's purse containing an undisclosed amount of cash.

Due to the efforts of Uniform Patrol members, and Division 13 Detectives, both suspects were identified and arrested.

2 women (24 and 31 years) have been charged with Robbery with Violence. They were detained.


Due to the victim's circumstances, an initiative facilitated by involved members have taken the unique step of setting up a trust account at the Winnipeg Police Credit Union - acct # 1035393.  Anyone interested can contact the Police Credit Union.
Michael  Champagne
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