Sunday, February 19, 2012

Under The Influence: Dead Indians, Bobby Brown & Billy Paul

Billy Paul – Me & Mrs. Jones (1972)

This is a song from the 70’s that is all about getting a little extra on the side. Yup, it’s a song about cheating. As much as I do not agree with lyrical content every time, this song is awesome for its classic 1970’s vibe and you cannot deny the soulfulness of the original singer. Over the years the song has been covered by many notable artists including Michael Buble, but its original version released in 1972 made it to # 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. In the opening of the original song, it actually samples a saxophone loop from a Doris Day song from 1954 called “Secret Love”.

Bobby Brown – Girlfriend (1986)

In the mid-80’s, Whitney Houston’s notorious lover Bobby Brown had his first solo #1 single sampling the Billy Paul version of the song. Not my favourite....but worth mentioning considering the recent loss of Whitney.

 Dead Indians – Jonesin’ (2001)

And in the early 2000’s, in a world before Streetz 104.7fm, as Aboriginal Hip Hop was trying to make a name for itself, a trio of Aboriginal Hip Hop artists came together once more to sample the soulfulness of Mrs. Jones. Except this time, the gentleman chose to make an 80’s-tastic video, full of mullets and back lane break dancing, while somehow managing to retain the old-school and classic nature of the original track. Since then of course, Dead Indian Member Wab Kinew has launched a successful solo hip hop career, but this post is timey for one exciting reason.

Tonight the Dead Indians are back

That’s right, tonight at the Pyramid Cabaret for only $15 per person, you can see this Hip Hop group return to the stage and begin to once again, bring back a little bit of soul into the Winnipeg Hip Hop scene… Dead Indians style. With Special Guests Winnipeg's Most, Filthy Animals, Lorenzo, Hellnback and Blackout Music. 



PS – I remember when I worked at Ndinawe in 2005 and these gentleman were able to come by and play a Hip Hop show there…it was awesome.

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