Saturday, May 12, 2012

Under The Influence: Rihanna (2012), Johnny Cash (1996) & Geoff Mack (1959)

What do Rihanna, Johnny Cash & Australia have in Common?


Rihanna - Where Have You Been (2012)

This song was released a couple days ago and immediately caught my attention because of its opening line. "I've been everywhere man" is a phrase from a song I remember from my grade 10 geography class (for real). I am personally a fan of this song, it has some really catchy instrumental parts and Rihanna's singing is quite good. On the down side, the lyrics are pretty lame and while the dancing is feels very 'subliminal message-y'. A little creepy. In the Billboard Chart world, the song went from 78 last week, to 29 this week!!!! That's a jump of 49 spots, which is probably why she is also the 'digital gainer; of the week as well!

Johnny Cash - I've Been Everywhere Man [North American cover] (1996)

This is the version I am personally most familiar with and many of you will probably agree. If not, get acquainted. I personally can't help but enjoy this song, and actually find myself laughing out loud out of how impressive the speed is. It takes a lot of verbal dexterity to be able to sing this song and its pretty cool. It was actually made famous in USA  by Hank Snow in 1962 Country Music Charts. And although this song lists many cities and towns all across Turtle island/North America, the original version of the song actually came from over seas in Australia...

Lucky Starr - I've Been Everywhere Man [Original Version - Australian names](1962)

The song "I've Been Everywhere"was written by Geoff Mack in 1959 and made popular by the singerLucky Starr in 1962. It is actually really cool. You can hear all the strange sounding words that come from the Indigenous population over there and even some that have come into use in popular culture like "Billabong" and others. I especially love how slick the transitions are, with "I'm a killer" being my personal favourite, haha.

Anyway. There you have it, Rihanna digs Johnny Cash & even Geoff Mack's artistry from 1959. You know you wrote something cool when it is still being referenced in songs 53 years later!!



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