Monday, June 25, 2012

National Chief Candidate Videos (by Wab Kinew)

So if you didn't know there is an election for Assembly of First Nations National Chief about to happen and this will decide who is our main voice as First Nations people is to the Government of Canada. The current Chief Shawn Atleo is facing 7 candidates that are also looking at getting the top job. The candidates are:
  • Shawn Atleo
  • Bill Erasmus
  • Ellen Gabriel
  • Joan Jack
  • Diane M. Kelly
  • Terrance Nelson
  • Pam Palmater
  • George Stanley
Now I have been checking out Wab Kinew's Website & blog and am very happy. He has committed to independently checking out the AFN Candidates and posting summaries of their interviews (and even the whole interview). Check out these videos that were put together so far with 3 of the candidates!

Joan Jack
So I have never met Joan but she seems like she wants to let young people decide how to get involved. I would be interested in hearing a more complete answer on youth engagement. [WAB's ARTICLE HERE]

Shawn Atleo
I have never met him either, although we were in the same building on the same day at some point last week. I would also like to hear what his take is on youth engagement and let us know how he has engaged youth during his 1st term! [WAB's ARTICLE HERE]

Pam Palmater
She is the only candidate I have met. I also love her blog and book and so have a slight bias. Also, she is a very charismatic speaker and is a outspoken 'fighter'. So far, since she is the only one I have met, she is my favourite candidate. She has a natural advantage here as two of her main strengths are social media and public speaking. [WAB's ARTICLE HERE]

Other Vids to come

I met Bill Erasmus' brother at a speaking engagement 2 weeks ago, but have never met any of the other candidates.

Thanks Wab for doing this great work. if you wanna see what these folks are up to on Twitter, check out my twitter list AFN Election 2012!

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