Saturday, July 28, 2012

News on my mind...

Things have been interesting lately. this post is a compliation of news articles that have my attention.

media around Missing & murdered Aboriginal Women have exploded after the arrest of Shawn Lamb. Now if only we can maintain and build that momentum into an actual national inquiry into this important issue.

The City of Winnipeg has been declared the Murder Capital of Canada again in 2012

recently re-elected Shawn Atleo had a meeting with the premiers and was not successful in garnering their support for a National Inquiry.

The National Aboriginal Health Organization is closing its doors due to federal cuts (many ppl blame Atleo's nice-guy approach for the cuts to Aboriginal programs)

the Phoenix Sinclair inquiry is going to have a broader scope that they originally thought. In addition to examingin that specific case, it will also examine how poverty and other social conditions may have factored into her death.


Despite all the negativity...I am hopeful.
I am hopeful because these are opportunities. If we take advantage of these, work together and raise our collective voices, we can help address many of these issues. 


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