Thursday, August 23, 2012

Crazy Dreams...

I have been having mad dreams lately. There are 2 dreams that are so vivid...and recent. They involve me interacting with challenges, my family, usually some type of modern element. But I am noticing that the animals in these dreams are becoming aggressive, almost violent....and while other people in my dream seem unaffected by these animals, and I am very afraid. Check em out (the full dreams are at BEGUILE -
I dreamed that I was with my niece and we were looking for turtles. We found a little baby one the size of her hands. But when we got to the highway 2 larger turtles. When we got to the trailer with the rest of the family we were attacked by bears. I left the family with another person and we were chased by the bears into the North End. the bears were crashing through fences trying to get us, but then...we got split up.

This time I dreamed I was once more in the woods, but this time had another pair of interactions with animals....all surrounding my family.The first had to do with 3 large male deer that were just watching me....and the second animal was wolves. What does it mean when you kill a wolf in your dream?

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