Thursday, August 16, 2012

Canadian History Lesson from Jason Kenny (on Twitter)

I had a very interesting experience on Twitter the other day with one of our current Members of Parliament and Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Jason Kenney. First of all, kudos to the Minister for actually responding, most times when I have contacted conservative candidates on social media (espcecially locally) they do not respond ever. The conversation is regarding a comment he made on Twiitter about the 200th Anniversary of the Canadian Victory at the Battle of Detroit.

I will let the conversation speak for itself.

Jason Kenney is Blue. MC is Yellow. Other Twitter folks are pink.

A great way to mark the bicentenary of the Canadian victory at the Battle of Detroit: 

@kenneyjason Canada wasn't even around 200 years ago dude #HistoryFAIL #quitglorifyingwar #cdnpoli(this tweet was RT'd by a few folks)

"@kenneyjason : @northendmc OMG how clueless is this @kenneyjason we pay BIG BUCKS to know, as part of his JOB, about Canadian history?#cdnpoli @MPJulian"
"@kenneyjason : @northendmc wow... Seriously? What were u doing in school while they were teaching Canadian history in school?"

@ElliottRoss6 @northendmc Most of those defending what were called "the Canadas" in 1812 called themselves "Canadians" (or "canadiens").

@kenneyjason @ElliottRoss6 @northendmc $28MM to celebrate the nominally Canadian vs: veterans care, refugee health, experimental lakes....

@ElliottRoss6 @northendmc Thanks to their sacrifice, we live in Canada, not the USA. That's why we should remember: 

@kenneyjason @ElliottRoss6 @northendmc ... statscan, first nations statistics, parks canada... lot of places to put $28MM
@kenneyjason @ElliottRoss6 @northendmc reframing Canada's birth around war instead of peaceful act of parliament is more important #cndnpoli

@ElliottRoss6 @northendmc 200 yrs ago this week, Canadian militiaman composed "The Bold Canadian" after fall of Detroit 

@kenneyjason @ElliottRoss6 @northendmc Why is it $28MM important to try to 'rebrand' Canada as being built out of war?#cdnpoli

@GlynnP75 @kenneyjason @ElliottRoss6 @northendmc divert and deflect #cdnpoli

@Beari8it @kenneyjason @ElliottRoss6 @northendmc an incredibly visible investment and a strange one in times of austerity. Why so important?

At the time of posting this thread (which  is about 18 hours after) we have not yet had an answer from the Minister. 


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