Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How the World Works

Many people often show a lack of regard for others' chosen field of employment. I often hear people who work in Government have a love/hate relationship with those who work in Business. Those who work in business have a love/hate relationship with non-profits and those who work in Labour have a slight attitude towards those that work in Government. I could go on, but you get the point.                              -MC 

I see the world as one big medicine wheel. Each different sector of the world is integral. If you take away one of them, the circle is no longer complete. The balance is not present. We must understand what one another do/are responsible for so we can make a better decision for ourselves where we want to work and focus our own energies for our future employment and where we should be for our ideas to develop in a good way.

With Labour Day coming up, I figured I would share my 2 cents on how I see the world, and why all of these groups, need each other, and must begin to have a better understanding of how these different worlds/industries/fields of employment NEED one another to continue doing their work. But before I can explain that, I want to do a quick summary of what each of these folks do.

These are the law-makers. These people decide how our society is run, and when they say something is going to happen/needs to happen they have the authority to change laws so something actually can go ahead and get done.

These people actually carry out the work that is required. They work in construction and in other physcially demanding work. They build houses, roads, buildings and anything that must be built. Without labour, the government wouldn't have anyone to actually carry out their little plans/ideas/laws.

these are the folks who do work, and expect to be paid for their work. These are entrepreneurs, business owners and folks that at the end of the day like to make money/have a profit. They create tons of employment opportunities but many businesses have a close-minded perspective on where they fit in in the community

CIVIL SOCIETY aka Non-Profits
These are the people that do everything else. Often not expecting to be paid by their clients for the human services they deliver.Many of these groups/organizations have a relationship with government where they are exclusively funded by government dollars.

So Now What?

Now you alter your perspective. Where in this world do you fit? Where are your gifts and interests? Regardless of where you wanna work, its important to know that we cannot pretend to know everything. If i spent my whole life in Government, how could i possibly relate in a good way to those in business/cibil society/labour?? That same question applies to all industries. We have to understand that our world is connected to one another, and what you do in your job affects me. Not only me, but my family, my community and the next generation (of all of our kids). Let's build a better understanding and appreciation for those who work in the places we cannot, or choose not to. Let's celebrate the contributions of others while we refocus ourselves in sharing our gifts in the best way we can.

So this Friday, at the Bell Tower we will be learning about LABOUR day, and why we have it. We will have a few people to share with us their own perspectives and hopefully we can learn a little but more about how we, as a community can become more connected with Labour, work with them in a good way and share the load....remembering that we are not alone in the work we do. We can make changes that benefit all 4 directions.

Key word: TOGETHER!

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