Friday, September 21, 2012

Kimbi is going to South Korea!!

21 year old Grass Dancer Kimbi Chartrand is one of 6 people chosen to represent Canada and the Indigenous people of North America at a worldwide event called Fokloriada (C.I.O.F.F) which happens only every 4 years. Its an international festival that brings cultures from every country together for 2 weeks. The Festival takes place in South Korea this year. the accomendations there are covered by the city hosting the event, and Kimbi just need to cover the cost of his plane ticket.

So far, Kimbi has raised $1400 by himself, he only needs $398 more dollars to be able to represent our worldwide. Please bring any donations you can to the Bell Tower tonight to hear Kimbi speak about this issue himself!

Let's support our youth as they reclaim our culture and REPRESENT!!



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