Saturday, March 16, 2013

Under the Influence: When I'm Gone (1937), Lulu & the Lampshades (2009) & Pitch Perfect (2012)

Many people recently have been sharing "the cup song" with me. It is this creative little number where an empty cup is used as percussion and a simple song is sung over top of it. It was previously very popular because of Lulu and the Lampshade's 2009 video where they mash the "miss me when I'm gone" song with this musical cup percussion. This version of the song was featured in the 2012 movie Pitch Perfect. But did you know that the folk song that we see in the 2009 Lampshades video is actually a folk song from 1937, a group called Mainer's Mountaineer's recorded the video for a J.E. Mainer greatest hits album. 

1937 - Mainer's Miners - "Miss Me When I'm Gone"
This was a group led by J.E Mainer who was a renowned fiddler in the 1930's and was born in North Carolina in 1898!!

2009 - Lulu & the Lampshade's - "Miss Me When I'm Gone"
In 2009, these ladies uploaded a youtube video that in the last 4 years has gotten over 3.4 million views! These ladies both have a cool style and nice sounding voices. And that rhythm is SO CATCHY! So catchy that it was worth being featured as the heroine/protagonists's rebellious audition song in the 2012 film, Pitch Perfect. (oh, and the Cup Song has its own website too!)

2012 - Pitch Perfect Audition
No words are needed, but this is very nice to listen to :)

2012/2013 - Covers & Remixes & YouTube awesomeness
Since it was featured in Pitch Perfect it has blown up and spawned many many hundred of video covers and remixes that are mostly awesome. I have selected these as my 2 favourite videos, so far

Titanium by David Guetta CUP SONG

CUP SONG remix by 2 random dudes

And now...where's your version?


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